• no i prefer it greasy
  • Not if you just spent a bundle getting it styled!
  • some people dont wash their hair every day, I do, but I've heard that you aren't supposed to. also if you have your hair done in a specific way and you dont want to ruin it or get it wet that would be a good way to protect your hair do
  • I shower daily but wouldn't want to wash my hair everyday. For that reason, I would wear a shower cap.
  • It comes from 'the old days' when people didn't wash their hair every day. Women would get their hair 'set' at the salon and if they didn't get it wet, the set would last all week. Standards and hairstyles change.
  • I've heard (The Doctors, I believe - Might have been Dr Oz on Oprah) that you should only wash your hair once a week or so. Some people get their hair washed when they get it "fixed" or cut, and don't otherwise. Women (and men) with "perms" don't want it to "melt" (when you wet your hair, the perm tends to "die". If you've already washed your hair today (or this week), say at the health club, or in gym, you probably shouldn't wash it again. And in those places, especially in the morning, it takes a while for some to get their hair the way they want it. It's much easier if they deal with it dry. Sometimes it has to do with "hard water", "well water", and not knowing where the water comes from. While washing your body, it usually doesn't "hold the water's smell" as much as your hair does. (Think "sulfur water" smell.)
  • BECAUSE those of us who are african american and have perms or wear their hair natural have a difficult time with water. lol. um after our hair has been wet typically when it dries it takes forever and is extremly thick and poofy. not a good look for alot of us lol.
  • It is to stop hitting the hot water on your head too. There may be other reasons like the chlorine content etc. But hot water hitting on your hair will cause hair loss big time. So after having a hot bath, you take it off and let cold water hit your hair.
  • No, it might not be good for your hair to be washed that often. My hair just dried up if I wash it more than every 3-4 days most of the time.
  • not every least i don't wash it every day..but i don't wear a shower cap..i find them uncomfortable..i just put my hair up in a bun
  • I don't wear a shower cap, but I do put it up so that it won't get wet. I shower more than once a day, but I do not always need to wash my hair.
  • No,you're not supposed to wash your hair every day. Washing too frequently can cause breakage for some people and flyaways for others. My hair is best the day after it's washed. Also as far as wearing a shower cap is concerned I have very long hair so it takes a long time to dry if it gets wet. I don't normally use shower caps but I can see the usefulness of them.

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