• If you're attempting to become a police officer, then you are going to have to contact a specific CITY, to find out details on their application process, and if they are in fact accepting applications at this time. To apply for a Sheriff's Deputy position, you would have to contact that agency in the county where you currently reside, or where you would wish to reside, to find out what their requirements and application process entails. The Highway Patrol ("State Troopers") is a statewide position. Also, because Washington is a "border" state, there would be law enforcement positions with the Federal agencies, such as ATF, Border Patrol, Game Wardens, Park Rangers, US Marshals and US Customs. You have a LOT of choices, depending on your education and other qualifications. Good luck!
  • Are you arrogant? Ready to violate rights of the citizens? Able to look the other way at real crime? Have the ability to purger yourself to save a cop buddy from disciplinary action? If you answered yes to all of the above I'm sure they'd take you in an instant. Seriously though, most cops that get into law enforcement for the right reasons get back out asap.
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