• a vampire. They are good looking, rich- and you dont have to rip all our clothes of when changing! ahhh... and getting so massive and hairy wouldnt be too fun!
    • Victorine
      Why would vampires all be good-looking and rich, assuming they existed? Most people are ordinary-looking, and vampires would look as they did when they became vampires -- that is, most of them wouldn't be anything special in the looks department. And there's no rule or law, in vampire fiction, guaranteeing that money just falls into your lap when you become a vampire. You'd have to earn it, invest it, or steal it, like everyone else.
  • A vampire..*wink*
  • tough one. although immortality is kind of appealing, being forced to eat nothing but blood sucks. Not to mention never seeing a sunrise or even going to the beach. A werewolf could probably find a way to manage hiding during full moons more than a vampire could manage to hide daily. i would likely have a cage built for myself during that time.
    • Victorine
      Some writers have decided that vampires can eat, though perhaps in a somewhat limited way. Given that they are fictional beings, you can pretty much imagine them however you like. There are no hard-and-fast rules.
  • A werewolf. I heart wolves.
  • A vampire - no FLEAS!!!
  • a vampire they're very sexy!
  • A Vampire They are so hot
  • werewolf ... i mean your normal except on full moons, opposed to vampires where they cant even go in the sun... not to mention werewolves kill vampires.
  • Werewolf. I already have howling at the moon down pat.
  • Vampire - they can fly
  • tough. werewolves can kill vampires, and vice versa. vampires can go out in the sunlight if they're from twilight....theyre sparkley! lolz it wouldnt be fun eating/drinking animal blood when its never completely satisfying...on the other hand werewolves are big and hairy like my dad...lolz i would still have to say a vampire because theyre beautiful and edward is one.
  • Vampire, I think the teeth are sexy.
  • vampire...b/c you can still get laid b/c women think vampires are sexy
  • Vampires. Fleas.
  • Ahh...Twilight...I run with the wolves. :o)
  • Well .. IF I had to choose; I'd be a vampire ... Vampires can be invisible ... they can fly ... they can change into bats or wolves ... and they can hypnotize people to do their bidding ... DAM* ! I'll have to stop eating spagetti as I love garlic in my sauce .... !!
  • Vampire of course. The immortality, speed, strength, and blood!!
  • I would rather be a vampire because of how they are portrayed in Twilight.
  • Vampire. Who wants to be furry? And if they're all as good looking as Edward Cullen, where do I sign up?
  • i like the aloneness of the werewolf. vampires seem to travel in clubs.
  • i am a werewolf, and being a vampire would SUCK seeing that i would have to kill myself.
  • Both! To be able to howl like a wolf would be the most awesome thing in the world, but to have the strength of a vampire on top of that would be epic.
  • Offhand I think I'd rather be a vampire since my father's side is from Romania. Romania home of infamous Vlad Tepas sp? the inspiration that many historiians believe for Bram St oker's "Dracula" Please note no fan of Vlad the Impaler,a sadistic cruel human monster.
  • A werewolf, I think.
  • Well, there are arguments for both. A werewolf would be a wolf only briefly each month and otherwise could live normally. A vampire would be perpetually a vampire, unable to eat normally (according to some fiction but not all) or go out during the day, but vampires are supposedly immortal unless killed in the proper way. I suppose immortality has its attractions, but it might not be all it's cracked up to be after a few centuries, unless I could enjoy real food and wine along with the blood and had a decent place to live and sleep away my days. That would take money, and without a job, how would I get it? As I've posted elsewhere, there's no guarantee of wealth for vampires. I'd have to work a night shift somewhere, I suppose. Frankly, being a werewolf seems marginally less difficult.
  • Werewolf. because I just now finally got my summer tan about a month late this summer due to the the unusually cool cloudy rainy midwest spring this year& I dont want to lose it early by hiding out in a stuffy closed coffin every day.
  • sorry id not like either the thought of blood ,eeewwwwww how gross!!
  • At least werewolves are alive. In traditional European tales, vampires are dead...with all that includes, including no sex and no procreation (just CONTAGION) and no chance of eternal salvation. Werewolves are not only alive, but also most of the time they are normal humans.

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