• Ozone.
  • Spray it down with a vinigar and water solution. The vinigar will kill any lingering mold spores. And when it's dry brush it with a soft brush. I do this to saddles that have been put up wet And it seems to work well.
  • You are going to laugh, but we did this by accident. My son knows my trick of freshening jackets that have been left in the "smoking room" of our house, and that is put the clothing item in the dryer on high heat with a dryer sheet. Works with frebreeze, then the dryer too. He did it with his leather jacket without asking first, but it didn't hurt it. I wouldn't reccomend regular runs in the dryer, as the frequent drying out of the leather like that may cause cracking/peeling - but for a one time shot, it really took care of the smoke smell, I assume it'd work on mold smell too. If you can smell mold, it may be present in your garment, out of sight. They dryer will help dry it out and get it gone, as well.
  • Use 1/2 cup alcohol (rubbing) with 1/2 cup water and wipe down with a cloth moistened in the solution. Dry in a current of air. If the smell remains wash in detergent suds. Most important! Protect the coat by using a waxy protection after. I actually used furniture polish and it did not harm my coat. I found this on a website by a leather manufacturer.

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