• NO As long as NAFTA is still in affect Canada and Mexico should still benefit from this Agreement. The biggest issue is the "Loop Holes" in the law that allow other countries to import into Mexico and Canada then use NAFTA to import into the US. China, Turkey & India especially use this loop hole to import textiles.
    • dickw60
      I have heard for years that NAFTA is not good for trade between Canada, USA, and Mexico in the long run of the agreement. Most everyone has forgotten GATT that is associated with NAFTA of which Clinton (I think it was) forced through before he left office. I have also heard roomers there are around a thousand secret pages of NAFTA that have not been released removing the borders between the three countries involved forming one country. Each country will loose it's sovereignty as a nation Thus becoming Unit 1 in the planned world order making only 10 units around the world. I believe this is where Trump is leading the USA regardless of his "wall".
  • im not convinced canada is our largest trading partner. i may be wrong. but it seems to me damn near everything in this country is made in china
    • dickw60
      You see more things imported from China than from Canada is generally because what is imported is in association with products associated with other products used in the USA. The major auto manufactures use products manufactured in Canada. Ford, International, Toyota, and Chrysler have large plants in Canada. Chrysler assembles all its van type vehicles in Canada. GMC has most of it's plastic parts manufactured in Canada. Some sub assemblies are manufactured in Canada then transported to Mexico where they are incorporated into the assemblies used by the auto manufactures. Most all catalytic converters for all US based auto manufactures are produced in Mexico. I am sure there are many more such products manufactured in Canada and Mexico for that matter used in other products manufactured in the USA.

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