• If they had that kind of perspective, then our bitching wouldn't be nearly as effective.
  • I'd attend if women had to attend a full year class to learn what its like to be a man, complete with hormones, clothes and everything else.
  • I'm sorry, I'm not a lady but that is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I understand you guys are "wired" differently but leave it at that.
  • Not a lady long as there is a year for the girls to learn what it's like to deal with the hormones, clothes and everything else then I'm fine with it.
  • Oh Yes, let's swap for a year. I'd love to try all that sexy male testosterone!
  • Wouldn't it "damage" the guy?
  • I think young girls could benefit from that, too! :)
  • I would love that class expecially the clothes and the heels.
  • Yes! I'd love to see my ex teetering around on six inch high heels, because he always made snide remarks about how wearing high heels changed my stride. And they should have to simulate having a period so they can know what an inconvenience it is. It would help them understand our point of view a lot better. To be fair, I'd also be willing to take an equivalent "man class" because I'd like to know how the other side lives.
  • Yes! And vice versa. I bet that would make the gender gap a good deal smaller.
  • I cannot see how a year in school spent on this course could be beneficial to one's academic progress. It may not look as good on a university application form to write that you spent a year discussing tampon thickness in school. However there may be some value in both boys and girls learning to see the perspectives of the other at some point in their education.
  • no i think thats totally ridiculous if they did that they should do the same for women in a school to learn what its like to be a man which is equally ridiculous
  • No, what would be the point? And will we be men. I don't want to be a man. I'm fine as a woman.
  • I dont know. I am a woman and I honestly think there are enough hormones and catty women in the world. I love how laid back and cool most guys can be. I would hate it if they became the same way.
  • NO, I think it would be much more important for both genders to learn for a year what it may be like to be poor, starving, of a different skin colour, or being harassed as an animal its entire life until it ends up on your plate.
  • Only if there was one for us to learn what it feels to be a man, it's only fair.
  • No. I would prefer to see a class for women that shows them how to be normal and healthy women without being enslaved to fashion, fads, social standing, artificial hair, body shapes, skin colors, teeth, eyelashes, finger nails, etc....... Western women are so far outside of what nature intended that I wonder that men find them attrsctive at all.
  • Oh no way. I love men just the way they are and I love women for just the way they are. I appreciate the fact that we have many differences.
  • We would just spend the whole year playing with our breasts.
  • Nah.. keep them guessing. ☺

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