• For the record, this is not a question about me. :p I'm just wondering how most women would respond to a situation like that - if they would be offended, amused, etc...
  • If there were something totally weird about him that I'd like for him to fix, I'd sarcastically tell him that he should fix it.
  • sometimes it does happen to me, i pretend to be really hurt ( although im not at all) and then wait for him to suck up whihc is hiLarious!!! so it makes it all pretty funny.
  • Hair on upper lip is easily changeable and most women have it so that would be o.k...maybe. One breast smaller is a lot harder to fix and would deserve a smack-down.
  • "Next time you make a sarcastic remark about my small breasticles, don't forget that my pinkie finger is bigger than your wiener" Naw, we'd never say that though. :)
  • Tell him to take his sarcasm elsewhere. If he has a genuine concern, he can always talk with you about it in a sensitive way. There is no reason to be hateful, which is all sarcasm really is.
  • i'd say something back like "awe you know you love it/that/those..." ;) i guess it would depend on my mood at the time. if i was offended than i'd poke something out about him like "oh yeah what about this/that/those...?" lol but i wouldn't want to make a big fuss about something small. and i wouldn't want a guy who likes to argue with me!
  • My last gf had a lot of self-confidence and a good sense of humor. When I referred to her smaller breast as "the mole" she just cracked up. I think we all have certain sensitive areas (physical and emotional) where we are vulnerable to criticism or jokes. I think it's possible to be aware of our sensitive areas and teach ourselves to be less vulnerable. It's more difficult to laugh it off when someone close seems to deliberately want to cause hurt. That would call for some form of resolution.
  • I'm sure the tone would indicate if it were meant to be harmful or playful. Also if I joke about the same feature, then I shouldn't mind.

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