• Because it's not the weight of the food, it's the caloric content. Surely you wouldn't expect to gain the same amount of weight from eating a pound of water and a pound of lard, would you? It's simple arithmetic - for every 3500 you take in over what you expend, you gain a pound. And the reverse as well. (I know this was probably a joke question, but I decided to take another tack.) +3
  • Just one NORMAL size chocolate bar has 400+ calories. A pound? omg, LOL, it is the calories consumed that puts weight on the human body! You have to consume 3500 calories to gain a pound, if that gives you any idea of how many calories would be in a pound of chocolate. Now, you could eat 1 pound of Lettuce, and NOT gain an ounce!! ☺ LOL +3 for you :)
  • Because of the content of saturated and trans fat...your body cannot process these fats efficiently!
  • It's not the weight of the food. It's the caloric value of food that gets either burned or stored as a compound and those add up. If you eat a pound of something the body uses right away, it will burn those calories off. If you eat something that will get stored by the body and not burned, it will possibly be stored as fat and that will make you weight more.
  • LOL try cutting down!
  • cause it probably has a lot of sugar

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