• If you can't breathe, I'd be calling 911 right about now.
  • Have you ever had panic attacks before? It COULD be that. They often have similar symptoms to heart attacks. I'd call 911 though. Just in case.
  • You're blood pressure could be very high, which could lead to much more serious problems, don't sit around thinking about it!!!! Get going to the Doctor/ER!!
  • Sounds like a panic attack! Start to breath deeply and slowly and focus only on your breathing. Eventually the panic and light headedness will subside.
  • You are hyperventilating. Purse your lips to breathe, sit straight, hands on knees. Breathe in through lips and out through nose slow and easy. Breathe from bottom of stomach. You will be fine. Just try to relax!
  • It sounds like a panic attack, are feeling better now?
  • I don't think asking Answerbag is the best thing to do if you have any question whatsoever as to whether or not you are DYING.
  • My wife often makes me feel this way, too. Sometimes I just can't move for the longest time when we're done... ;) If it's not caused by that kind of activity, then it might be diet related (sometimes if I'm not eating right for a while my body puts the smackdown on me). Or it could be a reaction to something else...medicine, chemicals in the home, allergies, a fear, a psychologically related issue (panic attack has been mentioned), hyperventilating, etc. If it doesn't pass in a reasonable period of time and you still have no idea, call a doctor, call 911, call a friend, call SOMEBODY to help you.
  • I agree w/ Thebyann and others that it could very well be a panic attack. This doesn't mean you're running around flapping your arms and screaming, just intense stress. If it happens again, I'd recommend a Dr. visit; anti-anxiety meds can work wonders.
  • I hope because then I will be losing a good AB friend!
  • If it hurts when you inhale, and if you have pain on your left side, particularly running down your left arm, call 911. If not, you may not be having a heart attack, but because heart attacks manifest somewhat differently in women, you MAY. I would call 911 either way, quite frankly. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Probably... I you have a good one you'll come around after a couple of hours with blue lips. If you have a bad one well... adieu. Maybe your last +5, cherish it.

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