• Life is what you make it. Im 29 with 4 small boys, and divorced. I just started to begin to live my life. It was all a matter of figuring out things that I liked, and things that brought me joy and happiness, and to stop looking for other people to make me happy and to make me feel like living. Now I that I have done this. I enjoy doing things. Before, I was just here with no purpouse. My body was like an empty shell. No emotion, no joy. What a borring life that is. Life really is fun and exciting and there is so much to do and see! =)
  • You ARE living. Now it's time to have fun :)
  • You already have. This IS your life. What makes it seem odd is that you're harboring ideas about your REAL life being something other than THIS. This is a very common situation we find ourselves in: we're always waiting for life to start -- when we get older, or when we get the right job, or the right relationship, or when we get out of debt, or.... (fill in the blank) However, if you talk to people who are older (like me, for instance!) and have had a few years to observe this phenomenon in their own experience, they'll tell you this: it's ALWAYS like that -- there's always some watershed event which is going to happen in the future, at which point your life will REALLY start. This is just your practice life, right? I say this is a very dangerous mindset: as far as I can tell, you only get to live once. THIS IS IT. There is no "future", except for the ideas we have about time, all of which are in our hands NOW. There is no past, except for our memories and the conditioning we've accumulated in our bodies and minds. All that truly exists is NOW. So what do you do about all that notion that life will start sometime out in the future? If you want to start living, you have to take those ideas on as the enemy within: that means being aware of them, and challenging them over and over again, every time they come up. Those ideas are automated tape-loops: they're conditioned, habitual thought patterns you've formed over the years. To break those tape loops requires persistence and effort: you have to keep observing your thoughts, and interrupting them consciously each time you see something of the form "well, someday I'll get my life started". That belief is poison. Seeing that clearly is what starts your real life.
  • Begin at once to live,and count each seperate day as a seperate life.
  • Live and live well, you never know how short the time could be. Do everything you can and be as kind as you can enjoy as much as you can and love all those close to you as much as you are able, Life can be only too short
  • I was planning my life untill I realised a few years back that I was in the middle of it. One word: AWARENESS. Be a rolling stone, not tumbleweed. It's a cliché, but the rest of your life starts every new day; Just hop on tomorrow.

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