• Pros:Monthly Income Cons:Taxes,Building Maintenance,Non paying tenants,Leaking pipes,furnace failures,Broken Appliances, Fires.Code violations...Falling property values
  • You have a very good answer about the general maintenance, now with the actual economy it must be a burden, unemployment will lower the amount of tenants and rent payments will be slow plus it could become necessary to lower the rents. The pro is that when the economy is well again you will have a good fixed monthly income. Regards.
  • Pros is owning real estate mostly is really a great investment, con, owning apartments you rely on your tenants to help cover your expenses of owning that building. If you don't collect rent you could be at odds with paying the expenses you have. Overall people do well with these investments as long as you are an active landlord or have a top notch manager.

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