• Your question should have an age limit on answering it because it's easy for me to say I would approve it when I am too old to be drafted.
  • I would oppose it. I would probably die at boot camp. Not even lying to you. I am not in the proper physical shape to be instated into something like that. I think my health would actually allow me to NOT be drafted.
  • I would not support a military draft.
  • Oppose. If I was drafted, honestly, I'd cry, but have to perform my duty. What else could I do?
  • I think ALL youth need to serve in some type of public service(military,peace corps etc.)after high school.The time frame can be 4 yrs for most fields and 2 yrs for active duty military service.Afterwards the government can then give the student a voucher for tuition into the college of his choice at no charge(unless the GPA<3.0) Then 50% the cost should be repaid. Would I go if drafted? When I received by Draft notice,my mother mailed it to me at Boot Camp(I had alredy enlisted).If you enlist you do have a wide range of career fields that you may follow. If you are drafted,you'll be what they need at the present time...
  • Nope. I don't support it. If people felt like the country, freedoms, or lives, were genuinely in danger then they would defend that with or without a draft. People usually come together in times like that. but when a war is unjust and not needed at all, Drafts will be a result of corruption and evil within its own government. And I have another question for you.. A mandatory Civilian Defense Training and a Civilian Security Force has been discussed by President Obama for all ages 18-40. He and his Admin answer to critics who say it sounds like a draft by saying it is not a draft because it is not actually a part of the military, and they are still civilians. Would you support a mandatory Civilian Defense Force which closely resembles a "Draft"??
  • That's conscription. I oppose it. What I would like to see is a military that is made up of those who want to serve their country and don't have to be hogtied and threatened with jail if they don't wish to do so. I would like to see the military give the same benefits to its soldiers as they used to get in the "good old days". Education allowances, housing benefits, health know, the kinds of things that will be great to have when they've returned home. :)
  • I would oppose it, and I'd start a war on the homefront.
  • I've already done my time (permanately disabled list) in the military so I wouldn't be going anywhere. But I would encourage everyone to do their part. If my children were drafted, I'd encourage them to do their duty, also.
  • If i was drafted,i would kill my allies as well as the enemy.
  • I'd be clear because I'm pregnant however I am very opposed to women having to go as well as men because most women in their 20s and 30s have very small children and how awful would that be if children were left mother and fatherless.
  • I'd oppose any draft measure, violently if need be.
  • oppose,war is for the Chosen !
  • Women should be excluded from the draft, but all young men should be drafted and serve at least 2 years in the military. This will give them the discipline they need that their parents probably never taught them. It will help them grow into responsible young men instead of violent troublemakers. And it will give them respect for America that they might otherwise never have. So many problems could be alleviated in this country if young people learn to respect the freedom that the founding fathers fought for.

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