• A friend, who is a professional singer, used to drink hot tea with honey before she would sing. She found that it would smooth out her voice and prevent the build-up of phlegm while performing. Other advise she provided was to avoid milk, or dairy products in general.
  • 1. Avoid dairy. You can have an ice cream every now and then, but never before a gig. 2. Make water the drink of your soul. Not only is it great for the voice, but great for your health also. People say singers lose weight because they're always toning the muscles of the diaphragm. Well, that's partly the reason but also because they drink alot of water. I try to average around a 1/2 gallon to a gallon a day. Stay near the loo! 3. Take Vitamin C tablets, but not the actual fruit itself. It kills the voice by coating it in mucus. 4. In the off season, if you have one, you can eat and drink whatever, but don't take a break from the water as well.
  • Want the real inside scoop? :P Nothing will help and nothing will make it worse. That's just the truth. Here is what certain stuff does though: Lemon: You will have more saliva and you will feel less dry. Honey: Will SOMETIMES make you feel smoother in the throat. Sometimes it can also make the voice worse and it can feel hard to control the notes. That's about the two famous ones. Apple will work instead of lemon. But dont kid yourself it doesn't matter what you eat or drink you won't just be able to sing higher or better in anyway.
  • Lemon will NOT help your voice, it will make it worse. This is because it will dry out your throat. The best thing is to drink plenty of water and steam will also help!!
  • Avoid smoking!

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