• If you say cut your finger or tongue etc and taste blood etc, that is no problem. If perhaps you had a terrible bloody nose and swallowed alot of blood, you could actually drown in your own fluids. SO our bodies are not designed for this. Lastly with diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B&C it could be deadly
  • Blood is mostly proteins, minerals (mostly, Iron) etc. which you find in other food also. There won’t be any problem if you drink it, it will be digested like any other food.
  • It depends how much you drink. If you're thinking about taking up vampirism,check out a site on it first because vampirism has it's risks. Vampirists can order pure-bred animal blood in the mail from the slaughterhouse. If you just do it from a cut, scrape etc, it's totally fine. However, if you drink cups of it, it can cause constipation, upset stomach etc
  • a pint will make you sick, vomiting sick.
  • I wouldn't suggest having it if it has a garlic seasoning :-)
  • This is an unusual question. I haven't seen blood on the wine list at many restaurants.
  • Yikes! Animal blood has parasites in it, so thats pretty dangerous. Human blood- whoknows whats in it= with HIV, chemical dependancy,daily meds peeps are on- I would say very dangerous.
  • You CANNOT digest blood. Your body doesn't have the enzymes needed to break down the blood, or actually the stuff that makes up the blood.
  • Cows blood is the staple diet of at least one tribe of herders in the arid plains of Africa. They shoot their cow in the neck with an arrow every morning and drain some blood into a gourd. Apparently it's a great source of protein and other nutrients for them.
  • have there been any Medical studies on this subject. What woud a Doctor say about this if you woud ask him "is it healty for you or dangerous and if it's healty, what benefits does it have and if dangerous, what is so dangerous about it ?". I personally would like to see some studys of the down side and up side of drinking blood. so if any one knows of any studys please let me know.
  • Dracula done alright on it.
  • Drinking PIG's blood is not at all safe, there is tonnes of salmonela in it and will make you very sick. Cow's blood is the way to go if you're thinking of drinking animal blood. And as for drinking from other humans, that's even riskier, with all those diseases, HIV, etc and drugs (medicinal and recreational) floating around in peoples sytems.
  • I won't comment on if it's dangerous, because honestly I don't know. But I can tell you from personal experience that swallowing a lot of blood will make you feel not only gassy, but nauseated. (I got my tonsils removed, and the stitches tore).
  • as far as I know, the blood would begin to coagulate in your stomac, resulting in a very painful experience. Bit like eating a rubber ball. I know some African tribes drink blood, but they mix it with some kind of cereal which makes it harmless to eat, more or less
  • Probably as dangerous as transfusions of blood when you are having an operation or are very anemic. :)
  • drinking blood is fine as long as its mamalian, even better if its same species due to blood difference, and as long as the blood is not diseased. the whole being sick part is only for first timers. practice makes perfect. perfection is never practiced.
  • Okay. I have heard some interesting things. I had a stepdad who is an ER doctor. During the Mad Cow outbreak he explained to me that there was a reason Europe was suffering so many human cases: blood pudding and some brain-dish (I can't recall the name) being popular there, in contrast to not hardly at all in the US. This is just what he told me, but he had an IQ of like 180 or something ridiculous like that, so.... pretty book-smart and always scoring at the top of his exams. Secondly, I have read that any HIV consumed would be rendered incapacitated in the digestive system. But I also just read they theorize that HIV began from drinking monkey's blood. Funny, I always heard it was from monkey-sex *shrug* But of course blood is a prime method for viruses and bacteria to be transmitted (for example, mad cow). So no, it is not wise. Thirdly, those African tribes that someone already mentioned do that in worshiping their gods. It was and still is a common pagan practice... starkly contrasting God's commands in the Bible telling us to not only abstain from consuming blood but also to not even eat the meat of strangled animals, as strangulation causes the heart to stop pumping and a vast amount of more blood to remain. This is why the practice of slitting throats was and still is done (or entire upside-down decapitation in slaughterhouses)... to allow the heart to continue pumping to allow as much blood as possible to be drained. There is a reason why we drain blood from the meat we eat, as well as why we cook it = to prevent the spread of disease (eating sushi is like asking for a tapeworm). God's commandments for us are not harsh rules for no reasons, but always ultimately for our life's benefit.
  • i drink about 2 ounces every week from a willing donor. im fine. lambs blood is a little safer and taste very similar to human blood. however its a little expensive. drink the blood fresh or put it in the microwave for a few seconds. cold blood tastes like sh** and it might hurt your stomach.

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