• I get out of highschool when I am 18....I might go to college I might not. I dont know yet.
  • I was 18 when I finished high school and I went to nursing school but I am not a nurse that was the last sort of schooling I've had.
  • I liked your question because I have thought about going back to school. I did 2 years of college and then had to go to work to support a wife and a baby. But now at 57, I am looking into going back to college, changing my major into something that is exciting to me, and getting a degree. What do you think about that?
  • i fnished high school at 18 and am now 30 and still take college courses here and there.. don't know if i will ever be done with school..
  • ... at age 31 (1990) I already had : 1 Ph.D., 2 Bachelors, & 2 Masters degrees ... ... after a short pause, I then added a two year course (1992 - 1994) ... computer programmer & systems analyst and finished at age 35 ...
  • I don't know if I'll ever be finished. I keep going and dropping. One of these days I will finish - I always joke that I'd be 82. :)
  • I was 17 then. Now in the penultimate month of my college too.
  • When I finished 12th ,I was 16.At 19 I finished Graduation in Computer science,9 years ago!

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