• The older the house the more history it has!
  • You feel the vibrations from previous people who have lived there. I love old houses.
  • I think they both have a fair amount of creepiness. Old house for obvious reasons (history, creaky noises, etc.) but I think new houses because of the newness and "foreign-ness" of it. Walking into a brand new house where everything is eerily clean and organized and "unlived in" can be just as creepy as the old creaky house. Thats just what I think...
  • If older houses are well-maintained, they should be creepy, in fact they should have more character and warmth. Here is my house that's 112 years old this year. Does it look creepy?
  • because some older houses creak, and older houses tend to have a history, some not so good, like murders or deaths in them.
  • There was a house near where I grew up - it was one of the oldest in the town and was once the main house to a large farm. It was one of the first farms of this local area. The house is enormous, with 6 bedrooms and three levels. As a child, I remember making up stories (yes, even then I was making up stories) about it. The owners back then had let it grow delapitated, and it stood without paint or care and the wood of the house had taken on a grey look about it. The owner (an elderly, bloodshot, grey in his own right gentleman) used to sit on a creeky rocking chair out in front during the day. I used to tell my friends that the house was haunted, etc. Well, a few years ago the house passed to different owners (either by inheritance, or by sale) and the new owners have completely transformed the house. A LOT of paint and love went into this project, and it made the local papers. The house no longer has that "scarey" look about it...and if someone told you it was haunted, I'm sure you'd "phish-tash!" it. So to answer your question - some older houses may have that "vibe", simply by how they look.
  • I don't think of older homes as being creepier, unless they have lacked proper maintenance. Many of the houses around here are 100+ years old but they are beautiful and are full of character. They aren't same old same old kind of homes, but are different from each neighbor. I like that much better than the cookie cutter sameness in many newer homes. That I do find creepy. lol!!
  • Old energies of the negative sort live within the walls. Old smells also reside!
  • Mine is a 80 year old house built with bricks, mortar and wood. Large halls and echos. But I have never felt it creepy living here for the past 5 years. Before that I was living in the town in a 110 year old house. There too I was absolutely comefortable. Prior to that I was in the city in a modern apartment. That too was fine. No creepy feeling. People who visit me from the cities and stay with me now, who live there in concrete apartments, do not find it any creepy here. I think it is just a subjective feeling and not a real one - a rule not applicable to all.
  • i am agree with paw that older the house the more history it has
  • coughcoughConjuringcoughcough
  • 9-3-2017 Older houses had smaller rooms. The concept of "bring the outdoors in" had not been thought of.
  • There's always something uniquely eerie about an old house. Many older houses are abandoned and left unpainted. Talk about brightening up a home. Horror movies revel in taking viewers into shadowy places.
  • Its all in your perceptions and attitudes. A culmination of what you've been taught.

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