• Only if you are depriving yourself of nutrients/vitamins/components found in foods. If you are going to detox by eating veges for a week - no problem there. If you did that same thing for longer - I would advocate that you add legume/grain combinations to ensure you get essential amino acids from proteins. Generally, detox programs wont hurt you, they are just a fancy way to sell product. Your liver is the best detox agent out there, and detoxes everything that goes through you. Eat a balanced diet and you will be healthy anyway :)
  • When a person detoxiifies they are releasing poisons through the skin as well as in bodily eleminations.During this time there will be discomforts as in aching muscles and posibbly headaches.It is a good sign showing that you are getting healthier.Paul Bragg,a nutritionist, who lived to over 100 years old ,and died in a surfing accident,used to fast on distilled water only one day a week and every month for three days.This would give the body rest from digesting food constantly and help the body detoxify.
  • As long as it is a short time and you are detoxing correctly No it is not dangerous or unhealthy for you just cleansing the system
  • I recently fasted for 46 days on a natural juice and distilled water diet. Because I wanted to detoxify my body, from decades of comsuming unhealthy, man-made foods, and exposure to radical toxins. The fast completely and permamnently healed my high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sinusitis, skin rashes, skin fungus, and dandruff. Hallelujah!!!!
  • i was on The Master Clense for about 2 weeks. I never felt better 8) My skin cleared i droped 17lbs. Ive only gained 5lbs back (water) I plan on doing the clense 2x a yr. I really love the feeling I get. It really energized me!
  • i dont think so
  • in detoxy process the level of effort is very high compared to balanced diet. Many people not comfortable with low calorie diet and may lead to low energy Detox process will not have food you eat on regular basis with slight changes it is very boring process with eating same food Its waste of time to it. i will suggest to just eat clena food
  • not that i know of

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