• I don't believe any state has a problem with piranha. I would check at a local pet shop or the court house make sure though I had three piranha, they were great. Very interesting to watch. The only problem is they are school fish so you need to get more than 1start with about 3-5, and make sure the tank is covered, they like to jump out or at least mine did
  • I don't know if they would make good pets, because I don't intend to find out. I found a resource which indicates that there are 24 states that prohibit piranha, though some my allow ownership by permit. Those states are [by abbreviation]: AK, CA, HI, WA, NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM, TX OK, AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, SC, NC, VA, KY, MA, NY, and ME.
  • I know that it is illegal to own piranha's in the state of utah. There is a fear that breedable species will be released into lakes and rivers, and will take over the local species of fish. Piranha are a hardy breed of fish, and would easily overpower local breeds such as bluegill and carp. I do believe that oklahoma has laws against owning piranaha as well.
  • While piranha are not wanted by most states most people get thier cousins the Pacu. However, be ready to buy a 500 gallon tank as that is what it will take to house 2 comfortably.
  • They are somewhat large schooling fish. Really if you get just one it makes a boring pet except for feeding time. If you're looking to have one because you like the idea of having a fish that goes after live food, I'd recommend an Oscar. Oscars are much more personable (sometimes they even like their owners to pet them!) and interesting fish to own. There are a lot of states that are concerned about piranha getting loose in a ecosystem where they could have an unpredicable affect upon it. Unless you're serious about getting a piranha, and are willing to keep it for the life of the fish (to prevent it from getting introduced to the wild by saying, dumping it in a lake) then I wouldn't recommend them.
  • We have piranhas in UK pet shops ( very few ) but not like to own a school of them ,They would bite my fingers off when I would feed them !!

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