• is good. You could also try
  • I started to answer a question and by the time I was finished I realized that I had read the question wrong. (my stupidity) Not wanting to let my answer go to waste I asked this question and now here is my answer: While there are several search sites you can use to book a flight and/or a hotel room, I would chose I have used and to book rooms at times and my best experience has been with Travelocity has had some slow processing time and took some time to send me a confirmation e-mail. One time with expedia I booked a room and showed up at the hotel and they had no record of me booking the room, luckily I had printed out the confirmation and the hotel cleared it up in about an hour but that was a hour of my time wasted. Each time one of these online hotel booking sites (brokers) messes up I move on to the next one. Luckily has not messed up since I've started using it. In my opinion is doing the best for Las Vegas hotels. But don't just take my word for it, give it a try and see for yourself. Good Luck!
  • As you mentioned in your answer, is a great site. Personally I suggest checking out the websites for as many of the different hotels as you have time for and choosing which one you want to stay in. You won't get any phenomenal deals, but hell it's VEGAS. You probably won't get too many chances to live it up in a city like that (not that there is a city like Vegas). Enjoy it to its fullest and waste some extra cash!
  • has a good deal on las vegas right now and so does for vacations hotel plus flight.!E;1080693132

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