• Soon as they learn the word no.
  • Like 2 or 3 lol. Good luck.
  • 3yrs.. lol when they start saying but mommmmmmm & nope lol
  • 0, because you want them to sleep and they cry/argue and keep you up
  • around the age of 2yrs....poor parents
  • it varies on child to child usually 6-1 year
  • for me.. 13
  • I answered calls to this one residence, when this boy was 7 years old. he cussed his mother and never came home until around 2 a.m. He was arrested many times, but this made no difference in his attitude. This kept on in and out of juvenile court till he was 17. One day, his mother again called the police on her son. His mother stated that he came home, told her to go to hell and locked himself in his room. After four years of dealing with this child, i decided enough was enough. Once again i answered this call. boy refused to open the door to his room. he cussed the police and stated he had a gun. i kicked open the bedroom door and placed him in handcuffs. He cussed me all the way to the jail. We charged him with domestic assault and domestic violence. He was tried as an adult and spent 11 months 29 days in the workhouse. Sometimes, children have to be taught that this is not only their world and respect comes in many forms. P.S.....we also located drug paraphanalia and stolen merchandise in his locked bedroom. His mother finally had peace after dealing with her son, since he was 7 years old.
  • Birth. The initial cry is already a protest/complaint.
  • At the first screaming breath of life,the seeds are planted.The child is comfortable warm and content until her surrounding fluid is suddenly gone and something is pushing and pushing her away head first,then someone grabs her and forces her to fill her lungs for the first time with a strange substance(air) then the result is a scream which likely scares her "WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?"....FAST FORWARD To the age of 2.. . "MINE...NO...GIMME...NOW...not to mention the greatest word a child will ever learn..."WHY? From then on every thing a parent says will be met with the reply..."WHY?".Then the parent starts to argue.."Because I said so"...WHY?...The child has won!
  • At all ages from what I see. It's terrible. If I argued with my parents I would be slapped into the next month. Parents that try to reason and negotiate with their children are often the ones that have children that talk back and argue. My parents were firm but fair. We knew that what they told us to do-you JUST do it.
  • It depends .. some starts really so early .. some takes ages before they even realize what the word (argue) means !!
  • You mean when do they start with the backtalk? As soon as they can form complete sentences. :)
  • As soon as they really comprehend what the word "no" means.
  • One minute prior to their 18th birthday.
  • From the moment they learn the language.
  • From the moment their screams,cries,baby noises illicit a response from the parent.
  • Depends on how the child is raised. If they are raised in a situation where they are taught to respect authority, they learn pretty quickly (often thru punishment) not to speak their mind. If they are raised in an atmosphere where their thoughts and feelings are respected and heard, then they learn pretty quickly how to discuss issues and situations in a surprisingly rational way. In the same way, arguing and fighting are taught, usually by example. Kids see their parents argue and fight, and then parents let their children argue and fight with them. Or the parents, instead of discussing issues rationally with their kids alternately use authority, bribery and whining to get the kid to do what they want, so the kid learns to do that - that's what I observe a lot.
  • ...when they realize what the word "no" means...the kids just want what they want...(for good or bad)...and they are met with resistance...and it begins...(and I argued with my mom to the end...she's gone now...& I just want to hug her & love her)...
  • 3 hours
  • As soon as they open their mouths to speak.
  • As soon as they start to have the sense to the age of four onwards you will not stop them dear
  • when they think that they are enough mature they start is present in every person.
  • Generally as soon as they learn the word "no". My niece is 2 and understands the concept of "no" very well. XD
  • From two months old, but we do not understand them. And they are always screaming for food. No manners too.
  • I say 12 and up...
  • the tween years tend to be more confrontational

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