• Yes, I married her.
  • My golden retriever nice to look at bu...barfs, has seizures, needs petting evry 2 minutes, follows ya every damn minute of the day... had it
  • not yet.
  • yes when i was a kid dad bought a parrot a grey and big one. He hated my dad and loved mom. it was like a lil puppy around mom but when he saw dad he went berserk it was so funny to watch a parrot go nuts over jealousy...
  • Not mine but my Mother in Laws Dog hated me . One Christmas i was washing up , luckily I had on over the knee boots because I had this Yorkshire terrier hanging by its teeth from my leg.
  • No way....
  • No but I do have a pet that likes others more than me. He's fine when it's just the two of us but if anyone else comes around, they're the bomb. He still likes me but it's conditional.
  • Yes, a very old cat we took in because my sister-in-law moved into a pet-free apartment. I insisted we take her because I hate it when pets are dumped off at shelters like garbage. Anyway, she hated me. She was a crotchety old bitch, we kept our distance from each other. I kept her fed and safe up until she died. Am I a bad person for saying I was relieved to see her go?
  • Briefly. Very briefly.
  • Yes, and thats how I found the back roads
  • Yes. My Parrot. He's giving me a dirty look as we speak.
  • I thought that I did..My dog BT..he loved me it seemed then..he gradually started to have a dislike..that developed to a..I am gonna rip your throat out now kinda thing..Ended up having to literally shoot him in the head to stop an attack..after that the necropsy results showed a tumor that was the cause of his change :)
  • Never :)
  • Nah, he was just being a snake....always biting...always biting.....
  • Penny the cat. I took her in when my grandma died. If I tried to pet her she would lean away from my hand. She seemed to like the guy next door and would go over when he came out and sat on the front porch. She would actually jump up in the air to get him to pet her. She finally just stayed over there, but a few years ago he came over and said she had just been hit by a car. He buried her between our houses.
  • great question by the way. yes i did. you'd think that you have this little dog you give him a home, food always, toys a bed the works and all he want to do is bite you and torture everyone in the house. i had to give him away when I found out I was having my daughter, But we found him a great home with another dog almost like him, hugh yard to run around in and the new owners were going to get him fixed and trained. I really cound't afford neither at the time. I miss him but not his teeth.

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