• Winter traffic. It's just so slow, it makes me mad!
  • The state of our health care system. That people have to decide whether to go to the doctor and fill their prescriptions or eat, that they can work like an animal at their job and still not be offered adequate or any health insurance, that they have to wonder how a catastrophic illness could leave them homeless, that politicians promise to change it but not a damn thing gets done.
  • Having had an utter moron steal two elections, destroy the economy, wipe his ass with the Constitution, done everything else wrong and questionable that he could have possibly can and having people do nothing about it, particularly, when the prior president was impeached for getting a blow job
  • Spending over 50 million and rising on the presidential inauguration at these dire economic times. The Dems screamed bloody murder at Bush for spending 40 Million on his when times were good. Hypocrites, this really pisses me off!
  • Bernie Madoff sitting in his 7 million dollar penthouse instead of jail after stealing billions.
  • The triump of the moronic evil. I never thought I would see such poetic justice in my lifetime. America got what it deserved for a whole 8 years!
  • Overcrowding, undereducated people, people who live here and can't speak English...
  • The weather mans prediction of -2 low -12 Plainfield IL that is just too damn cold.
  • President George W. Bush
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No way, is he president again? ha! I thought it was Donald Rump. Okay, hold on then *scratches out Trump's name, puts name of soon-to-be-dead Kennedy Killer instead* there we go!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Wait, which is which/ W or HW???? Look can we just agree to call them Kennedy Killer the father Bush, and retarded Son Bush? Because then no one will get confused
  • Oh nothing, what could anyone be mad about? Dirtbags are in control, impoverishing and taking rights and privacy and democracy and hope away even more. What's not to like?
  • I missed having a shamrock shake this year. Oh, and congress. And the media. And that everything has sucralose now.
  • Its not the US I understand. I wake up and wonder what 45 and his cronies did overnight and will do today. Its hard to process the state of this nation. It looks the same, from where I sit in the woods (I live on a dirt road). However, its not... and its going to get a /lot/ worse. I'm not the right race, am poor, have serious health issues, am an atheist, but I could have it a lot worse. I am aware of this all the time. I mean, I could be an immigrant, be visibly wrong (other than being brown), I could be a specifically targeted minority and/or a woman.
  • I'm not angry about anything right now. Pure World Peace would be nice but I'm not angry
  • Exploitation of natural resources, unnecessary wars, profit over people, corruption.......

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