• when you first wake up there is stuff on the side of you eye (from the sandman my mom would tell me when i was younger) so when people say "wipe the sleep out of your eyes" it means to take away the stuff beside your eye, i think
  • 1-11-2017 If you watch books about nutrition instead of tv shows about sex, you learn that many Americans are deficient in various vitamins without anybody noticing. For example, bed wetting is common among teens; that is a magnesium deficiency. Another common deficiency is B complex vitamins. The eye uses vitamin B2 a little differently than the rest of the body. Vitamin B2 carries oxygen to the skin and the pupils, and is destroyed by alcohol, so that is why your nose and eyes get red when you are drunk. A deficiency of B2 also allows the tears to form little beads of something like sand, and it makes your eyes itch. So this stuff builds up while you are sleeping, and when you wake you need to "wipe the sleep from your eyes" and get some food in your belly before things seem right. Another thing you might learn is that you can't treat a B2 deficiency by "taking vitamins". You have to cut pills into quarters and take a piece every hour. It doesn't matter what the dose is, you just need it every hour until you get right again. I know these things because I lived through them this last month.
  • In the strictest sense, it means to wipe the crusty bits from your eyes, look firm and get going. 😆
  • excatly that go and wash your face. Don't you have hot water where you live?

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