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  • Yes, I had to sleep on the floor for 6 hours. I couldn't find my bags for an hour. It was my first time traveling alone. & then when the plane finally got there & we got on, it was storming & there was literally a lightning bolt like outside the window & we had to wear our belts the whole time because it was so rocky.
  • yes,tryed leaving somewhere but foundout no flights till the next day,could nt speak the language,was heartbroken and stuck in a strange country
  • Yes, I was having diarrhea and didn't make it to the bathroom on time
  • Hah! I wish it was only one!
  • Yea i landed in Amsterdam airport (it was just a connection flight) and i had a flight right after to Barcelona and the terminal was basicly right at the other end and because the airport and amsterdam is so freaken big, i was walking fast for about 10min when i suddenly hear my name on speaker that im late while still on my way to the other terminal, i finaly got there, i was the last one in, but hey atleast i didnt miss it :D
  • don't know if bad is the word, but I was a bit upset when they confiscated my Bath and Body Works lotion that I just purchased ( I completly forgot about the new liquid rule) :(
  • Yes! Lots of them. Being stuck in a plane on the tarmac for 5 hours is one. Spending the night at Newark Airport. Being sexually violated by a TSA employee at Logan Airport. I can keep going...
  • yes the merry go round drive having to pick someone up ...
  • yes, they took my husband away at the airport thinking he was an ira memeber because he has a common irish name....he almost missed the flight
  • yes i had to drop my gf off. it was heartbreaking
  • I had a job for a few years where I travelled from Maryland to New York or Los Angeles at least 2-3 times a month...I can tell you I have had wayyy more bad experiences than good..I figure about an 80-20 percentage of suckiness..everything from lost luggage to 12 hour layovers, cramped seats, stinky passengers, ice/snow/fog/smog, searches, redeyes, you name it I have probably experienced it...
  • Had to sit there for 9 hours Christmas Eve waiting for my flight.
  • Y-E-S. and believe it or not, it was before 9/11. I had to take a small plane from Boynton Beach to West Palm (i think). The plane could fit like three people. No, seriously, i wasn't even allowed my carry on (it had to go in the cargo hold). I also had to walk out onto the tarmac to get on the plane. The plane was delayed, so I was running to catch my connection. Of course, that meant that I was a suspicious. They searched me, and something kept setting off the wand. I was down to rolled up pants, when they finally gave up and let me board. Well, since this was before they disallowed liquids, I discovered that the brisket juice my grandmother gave me, leaked EVERYWHERE in my bag. At the next connection, I got off to clean everything, and was told I couldn't get back on until pre-boarding time. I brought nothing with me except my cell phone. Sigh. There goes a whole day i'll never get back.
  • Heck yeah, I work there!
  • Yes. But I do not want to talk about it
  • When you fly a lot, it's bound to happen.
  • Yes. I was traveling to Frankfurt, Germany from Ft Dix, NJ, and the airport there was experiencing an unusually high amount of traffic. Because the plane's fuel was running low, we were diverted to Geneva, Switzerland to add more fuel. While we were there, the airline paid for all of the beer we could drink. Come to think of it, it wasn't a bad experience, after all.
  • In February 1989 I traveled from New York State to Maui. Upon arrival in Maui, the airport was full of giant newspaper headlines, "United Airlines flight 811, a Boeing 747-122, experienced an explosive decompression... after taking off from Honolulu, Hawaii..." A cargo door had ripped off causing a huge opening in the side of the plane, through which nine passengers were sucked out." There we were, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with no way to get home except by air. Fortunately, I did get home safely, but that was one scary incident.
    • Army Veteran
      After returning to Honolulu, I wonder if they told the passengers, "We hope you enjoyed your flight", as they were evacuating.
  • mostly delayed or cancelled flights

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