• Most experts agree that reading in low light does not damage your eyes. It can cause eye strain, however, which has a number of unpleasant temporary symptoms and possibly some long-term effects. For more see:
  • yes it does b/c you dont have proper lighting and it will strain your eyes. this site will help prevent eye strain if you do what they say and it actually does workeven by doing a little bit
  • That's what they say. I used to do it years ago- when Harry Potter first came out, lol- and my eyes didn't give me much trouble until I went to get an eye exam and failed horribly. Might've had something to do with my tears, though. I hadn't realized up until that point that my eyesight was THAT bad. Now I wear glasses. Or I'm SUPPOSED to, but I lost the only pair I owned and I'm too broke to buy another pair. The moral of the story? Don't read with a dim light. One day you may cry over an eye exam test, get glasses, lose them at your old job, and end up too broke to buy a new pair.
  • It's a myth. You have these light receptors or cones in your eyes. As you age, they lessen in number so you need more light as you age. About ruining your eyes by not reading under a light , it's an old wives ' tail. Perpetrated by the light bulb really...It's a myth.

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