• .... Sorry ! Did not see the link . Not sure :)
  • You know what? He is the antithesis of what his mother was and I am really saddened by that. I wonder if his brother feels the same way? He certainly is no "prince" of a human being, is he? Shame on him. To answer your question..perhaps he is. There are many "comedians" who are cruel, insulting, vulgar and unfunny..he may be one of "their kind". He certainly is an embarrassment to a human being. Don't know what his dad thinks or his grandmum...maybe they share his views. :(
  • Maybe he sees himself as one. He has a really attractive girlfriend.
  • Try "moron". He even makes me feel slightly proud of the Danish princes, even thogh I'm usually tired of the royal family
  • He is a dolt.
  • evidently he thinks he is
  • haha hmm may be
  • He's filthy rich and powerful and can do anything he very well damn pleases without repercussions of any kind
  • No not a comedian, in this instant a young squaddie ,behaving like a young squaddie. Incidentally the link to the "News Of The World" is not a good example of reporting, in Britain this sunday tabloid is known as the "sleaze sheet",you should read some of the other stuff it prints to get the picture. To sum it up, you can call me a "Brit",short for British,but I can't call a Pakistani a "Paki"...sorry,but I cant see a problem with that. Nor do I have a problem with Australians calling me a "Pom",Scots are known as "Jocks",Welsh are known as "Taffy" ,Irish are "Paddy", Americans are "Yanks, none of them seem to have problems with that....I could go on and on...... and so could you......
  • I think he's an idiot. And I find the term completely offensive, and I'd never use it. And I hate it when people do. He's always been a bit dodgy. There was that nazi uniform a while back, too. But. If you watch the video, he's friends with the guy. He doesn't sound malicious, just stupid. And the News of the world is total rubbish.
  • No he is not a comedian, he is a 24 year old guy who is serving his country abroad. It was just squaddie humor! There is no meaning to what he said, people have blown this well out of proportion, all because its prince Harry! His video should be taken in the right context as it's not aggressive, or meant with heart! The public need to grow up and worry about real race issues!!
  • He's an upperclass twit.
  • Personally I think he is just a young man in the army behaving as they all do. Maybe not the best nickname for a friend but the friend did not mind why should the rest of the world suddenly mind 3 years later. His behaviour is not of the best but he is a second son and he does a lot of good work as well as all the silly things he does Prince Andrew was a second son and did a lot of crazy things but he also came up to scratch and fought for his country when needed. We do not make a big fuss about calling an Irish man Paddy or Mick. Because of the terrorism the world has become very sensitive to anything that may say we have anything against Pakistan.
  • He's no Adam Sandler, but he's better than Margaret Cho. ;) Can anyone think that having a mic follow your personal mouth wherever ya went, wouldn't eventually turn up w something deemed offensive? Follow my ab trails, there's probaly lots of offensive ideas in there. Maybe more than I had hoped.
  • he is not a comedian. he is a moron.
  • If he is a haven't heard his materail.
  • Prince Harry is an immature, not-very-intelligent "child" who opens his big, fat mouth and puts a stigma not only on himself, but on the whole British Empire. Apparently the spoiled child had the wrong people teaching him AND his entire family and extended family were too damn busy doing other things to pay attention to what he was REALLY being taught: prejudice and every other negative adjective you could possibly think of. AND the worst part: After he opens his big fat mouth and sticks jhis foot in it, OTHER people apologize FOR him AND what he said! Nice job, Prince Charles, Lady Diana and the entire "Royal" family! It makes me wonder what they REALLY think and do behind closed doors. I KNOW UI';m not the only one who feels this way. Thanks for asking your Q! I did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions.
  • The new Bernard Manning or Jim Davidson maybe. I know that racism is apparently encouraged in the armed forces, but that doesn't make it right.
  • harry is a youthful version of his non politically correct grandad ,phil the greek. let's hope he stays true to his self and doesn't bow to wowsers and stupid goody two shoes brigade. ---------------------------------------------- checkout this master of mirth and a comic who targets his own ethnicity,.,
  • Come back Chris!!!!!!
  • He's the same as the rest of the royals, an inbred, spoilt moron with no idead or sympathy of what his own people are going through at the moment.
  • No, but only his hairdressor knows.
  • No, I fail to see racist humor funny.

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