• I am proud of our little neighborhood. 300 population town, close knit and quiet....except for dogs barking.
  • yes appart from a few busy bodies but i suppose you get that everywhere.
  • Yes we have a good community, where I live, and the neighborhood is very nice. My next door neighbor is a dickhead, sometimes, but you can't win them all. :)
  • i am more proud that i managed to get into my neighbourhood and of my mother for getting me here
  • Yes. I love this neighborhood. It's nice and inviting. The neighbors are friendly, and our block parties are fun.
  • I live between two neighbors that bought their parents house, just like I did. We're like family, just get along better. right. The others are all new, compared to us, and I don't really get out to met them, and I don't care to. Have nothing in common with any of them. Everyone, except one family keep their property well kept. That's nice. Looks good in the summer, but everything does.
  • Yes... I have one neighbor who is an inconsiderate little A -Hole, but other than that , it's a GREAT neighborhood with really nice people .
  • Yes. We have 20 homes around a nice lake and everyone knows and looks out for everyone else.
  • Yes..very. 55+ ..nice people..keep up their properties..neighborly. :)
  • Yes, I really am. We are living on and off in a 55+ community, in a very clean deeded RV park. We are about 50 couples and all are concidered family. One helps the other if necessary.
  • It is very aesthetically pleasing. The majority of our neighbours keep to themselves or have gated properties that are set quite far back from the road. Those that we do know or have spoken to are very friendly.
  • Yes, I am. Population 8 Million and loving it :D
  • Very proud! Good people; beautiful parks;diverse community!
  • My neighbors r really nice. We give each other food, have drinks togther, go out on the boat and stuff. I live in a gated community so instead of driving yur car you get to ride golf carts. The summer tyme is like being on vacation all week. Most everybody else here are kool. We have neighbod events to b able to meet others. But am not really shy so Im always sayn hello to others. Its clean dwn here. Besides the association Id say yes. I can say i am proud because Im part of it. I help make this hood the place it is too. So yeah. I guess I am proud of my neighborhood.
  • I'm kinda torn with that question. Yes, my town is along the river, small, and very beautiful. On the outside. But if you get down to it and look at the people and what goes on behind closed I'm not proud at all to live here.
  • Yes, that's the same as manhood isn't it. ?

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