• South Africa
  • Oooh, Nigeria so I can become an e-mail scam artist in one of those ever-so popular Internet cafes
  • Egypt. Low crime rates and lowere AIDS rate. Less war time and gurellia activity.
  • Morocco, seems exotic and mysterious.
  • South Africa or Egypt.
  • Probably South Africa. I think it's the most prosperous country in Africa. My next choice would be Egypt, where the Pyramids are.
  • Egypt,,i'll feel smart there.. haha and + i hear some places are cheap
  • Neither I hate and I mean hate the middle eastern lifestyles and beliefs.
  • Just about every country in the African continent is in chaos but, if I had to choose it would be either Egypt, Kenya or Morocco...even Libya.
  • toss a coin. I wouldn't want to live in any of them.
  • On the African continent, I've only been to Morocco and Tunisia. The poverty and filth is extreme in both. Walking through streams of urine freely running through the streets, is a tad uncomfortable. I would have like visiting Egypt and South Africa, however...but, unfortunately, my travel days are no longer an option. But that's OK, I've been to 32 countries in this world...and, for that, consider myself extremely fortunate. Bottom line, though, I love my country best...the good ole USofA. I was only glad to get back home...and, especially, to my very own bed. :-)
  • Interesting and difficult question. I am excluding Somalia and Nigeria only because I have never been there and do not know enough about them. I would also exclude South Africa becaue I have already live there, and a new experience would be nice. I have taken extensive business trips in Morocco and Egypt, and I love them both. On balance, I would opt for Egypt if I could live in Alexandria or Cairo. But it would be a tough choice.
  • I dont really know enough I dont feel about each place to make a decision based on reason. I know a friend that is going with his gf to South Africa for awhile but me personal feelings I think would Morocco or Egypt. These are all places I would like to visit however. I know a couple of people from Egypt as well as from Somalia and South Africa. My friends say that Somalia and South Africa are difficult which, of course I'm sure my answers are difficult places to live as well. It seems to me like there is less disease famine and violence and I would want to RESIDE in a safe environment otherwise I wouldnt feel comfortable. I would want to cisit and serve the people in need in other areas but wouldnt want to live in amongst it, who does? Just a thought.

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