• I'm aggressive.
  • I hardly ever exceed the speed limit. It's very unwise to habitually speed on a motorcycle. : )
  • To get there faster
  • cause i need to go fast cause i get high on speed :)
  • Can't help it! I got lead down there...'n some in the brain, too! :-)
  • Because I can. If and only if I think there are no police and no danger of hurting anyone, including myself. You see, as an american male, I love cars. We love muscle cars and love going fast. If road conditions allow, then why not step on it a little. IF speeders used a little common sence and had a little respect for others then things wouldn't be so bad. There is a time and place for this and there should be more race tracks for us to stretch our cars legs out.
  • "I just hate brainless work? I'm stealing time? I like meeting cops? I've got the fastest, ha, ha, ha! I'm cleaning my engine (pipes?) My wife is about to give birth? I'm following that UFO!!! I'm dieing! The foot peddle is stuck! I'm commiting suicide! I'm a jerk? All of the above?...Why do you ask officer?" LOL! (My hubby is a retired Police chief, our son is a state trooper ;-)
  • cuz< its like...yay....driving....mabye a bit fast...but its fun you coaster...
  • Cause there are always places to be...5 minutes ago.
  • Because I got shit ta do!! j.k I dunno, I just do.
  • 5-27-2017 When a thing increases speed, it gains stability. Driving fast just FEELS better.
  • You weren't letting me pass. I had to go fast to take advantage of the only chance I had to get around you. You were blocking my opportunities to change lanes while letting car after car cut in front of you. You were making me late. Get in the slow lane, Grand Pa.

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