• They're just so sweet and kind ... very lovable.
  • They are someone who you trust, admire, have the right 'vibes' (things that can't be explained)and are physically attractive to you.
  • easy going seems to have a part in it :)
  • "Love is repaid by love alone!" Mother Teresa I submit that you are the source.
  • A certain moral flexibility?! ;-)
  • Simplicity!
  • When you can feel that the person really likes or loves you by their actions. For example, if something is wrong with you, they try hard to help you feel better and/or find a solution. Also, genuinely kind and sincere individuals. People who have a natural, inexplicable connection with you, people who you bond with effortlessly.
  • I can tell you about the traits of those people whom I love Kindness Integrity Modesty Intelligence Non-judgmental Helpful Supportive Anyone like that would be impossible not to love! :)
  • Boy I wish I had that quality. Im more like aquired taste.
  • They are typically kindhearted, often with a selflessness shown in their dedication to others. A genuine interest in and caring toward others. An innate ability to make those around them feel better about themselves. I think the general theme here is that those that are utterly lovable tend to nurture the needs of those around them. Sometimes it comes back to them when needed, at other times it is its own reward to know happiness is spread, one person at a time.

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