• It takes about a week for pluked eyebrows to come back. But they come could back quicker. It all depends on how fast your hair grows!
  • When researching information about removing false eyelashes, I've read that one needs to be very careful about getting the adhesive on the real eyelashes because it takes approximately 6 weeks for an eyelash to grow back to its determined length.
  • If you actually pluck your eyelashes, by pulling the hair from the skin, rather than trimming the hair, then the time that the eyelash would be back to normal size, is approximetly 90 days.
  • does anyone really know,
  • I have a disease call trichotillomania which is known as the "hair plucking" disease. So im constantly plucking my eyelashes out! Its a subconscious thing. But when I pluck them it usually takes about 3 weeks for them to grow back to a visible length. I hope your not plucking them just bcuz. I hope u didn't pluck your eyelashes intentionally. If so try to control that now, or else you'll find yourself developing a seriously bad habit. Hope I helped!

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