• Yes, because they can give you medication to ease the dying process. You can also be in your own home or a very home-like setting.
  • Absolutely. I have seen the wonderful things the agency is capable to doing for people that are not able to do for themselves.
  • I would. i am a hospice volunteer. The people who work for hospice are amazing
  • I would want to spend as much time as possible living what's left of my life in my own home. But as soon as I become a burden, I'd get myself into a hospice .
  • Yes I would , although I promised my husband he would die at home. I do not have anyone to look after me and I would prefer my indignities were taken care of by professionals than those that care about me.
  • hospice for sure
  • I guess so. A family member I've been close to my whole life works in this area. I can see beyond the freak out morbidity factor and realize what is behind such a profession. It's about making life peaceful, comfortable, and accepting what the current situation is. I think she does something truly amazing, and I have no doubt that this field should be highly respected for the contribution made to society. People shouldn't ever be alone or in need at this late stage of life.
  • I would hope to god that my family would provide my care, but if they found it to hard then yes... I work in the medical field and I dont think that hospice is a bad thing. I think it provides many people with the care they need.
  • Depends how long I had to live. Maybe towards the end
  • No. I betcha you can't 'fire up' in them?! ;-)

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