• I always loved the work, no matter what job I had. But I'd have to say my favorite job was as an Internal Auditor. I worked for a company from 1979-1985 and got to travel to New York (Long Island-Grumman) and Oklahoma (Tulsa-McDonnell Douglas) and even St. Louis perform internal audits on the paper trail covering whatever work these companies were doing on our behalf. Didn't like the trip to or from but always loved being there and actually seeing with my own eyes what the money we were paying them was producing. Nicest people you'd ever want to meet, especially in Tulsa! That was the job I loved the most! Happy New Year, my friend! :)
  • Full-time student... Or the job I haven't gotten yet :-)
  • I've had alot of different one so far in my life but I think the one I'm doing right now makes me feel the best and most challenged. I like working with computers and every day it seems like I learn something new, I meet new people all the time and always feel useful and even though at time I hate a PC at times too, its also the most fun I have had because the groups of people I have met in class, online are just great.
  • ... being a self employed martial arts instructor ... check my profile ...
  • +4 cant wait till I can give more! Great question and wow! the best jobs I had were 2 to be exact that I loved. The Christian book store. I saw more miracles and met the nicest people there. I was able to help others with so much in their lives and I feel so blest by that. I also worked in a nurshing home and really loved serving the elderly people it was so rewarding to me and I could not help to think of all those that family did not even visit for what ever reason. But I guess that is why God puts angels in different places to help others. I got to say I was blest in all my jobs especially if I would have a chance to learn from others and help others. I just want to keep growing.

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