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  • Like any sex question everyone is different. In casual conversation with people I know it tends to be the consensus that yes some women enjoy it more while menstruating. It has something to do with moisture and not getting dry and chaffed while having sex. Some women don't enjoy it while menstruating mostly because of the mess. Solution get bedroom towels and enjoy. Hope this helps.
  • Some women may feel that sex is more enjoyable during their period because they believe they can't get pregnant. Dont take chances - the only way to avoid pregnancy is to use proper birth control.
  • Some women have horrible cramps during their menstruation period. There is some condition called dismenorea; which means abnormal menstruation cramps. (which is what I have) and I have not noticed that when I have sex on my period it seems to make my cramps not so bad and make it feel like im not on my period at all.
  • It actually is entirely impossible for a woman to become pregnant from period sex. No matter the length of the cycle, a woman ovulates roughly 14 days before menses. That would leave at least 12 days between menses and ovulation. Sperm live in the female body for a maximum of six days. And so, a man's sperm will not live long enough in the woman's system to fertilize an egg (which will live no longer than a day unfertilized) if the copulation occurs during menses. Women may enjoy sex during menses (most do not) however they mostly have the highest libido and sexual pleasure during ovulation (when they can become pregnant), mostly due to the higher horomone levels present in her system at the time.
  • to the answer above that says it's impossible for women to get pregnant during period sex: YOU ARE 100% WRONG. It is less likely, yes, but not impossible. Case in point: my cousin had sex with his ex-wife once after the divorce; she was on her period. She just had his child 4 days ago :) Get your facts right, please. To answer your question: Sex on a period is awesome, just like any other sex, as long as your partner knows what he's doing!
  • I personally do enjoy sex more while I am menstruating. A womans body is more sensative down there at that time. When you are more sensative to the touch the orgasm is even better. It can be somewhat painfull but to me that makes it even better.
  • It really depends on the woman's preferences and condition. Some women may not enjoy sex during menstruation because they find it disgusting....some may not enjoy it because they are some of the few who find it very painful down there during menstruation (even when just using tampons). Still, for the most part, it is very true that women are very sensitive during this time and even if they are not having sex because they are on their period it is very possible that they are having hormone-induced urges and even "wetdreams".
  • In my opinion YESS, I think that it feels a whole lot better and it takes your mind off the cramps...and im not a heavy bleeder but its not messy at all for me..but you'll never know until you try!!
  • Actually, a lot of women absolutely hate it. Do you know why? The mess is absolutely rediculous!
  • Chances for yeast infections are higher, and i don't have any advice to fight that one past eating more yogurt.
  • I think woman who are confident in themselfs do... Plus if the woman has cramps, reaching orgasm contracts the inner muscles and helps relieve the cramps..... But in overall, sex is good all the time, whether you're on your period or off.
  • I read this the other day and wondered how it would feel. so i went home and tried it. It was different but great. i guess that sex is graet all the time. It deosn't really matter if you are on your period or not. And when you don't do it, especially when you are on your period you do actually dream and think about it all the time. i know i do. :)
  • I told my wife about sex during her period might relieve cramps. I just wish my wife liked sex more often than once every two months. Her period can only provide the needed excuse for avoidance for only so many days a month and I think many women use their periods to avoid sex.
  • It's a hormone that most women have that makes them want to "get it on". It usually gets stronger, around that time. But I don't have the hormone (or at least not enough of it for it to matter). I tend to avoid sex, when I'm menstruating. I never want to get pregnant.
  • For me it was about the same.

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