• No! No one is worthy to steal my joy.
  • um no, not quite
  • lolololol
  • not quite - but this persons bad enough to make me feel fed up when i know im gonna be working with her!
  • pass the poison
  • no. normally i have been very tolerant of my coworkers ~ made friends with almost all of them. sure, some have had their quirks, but dont we all? but there was this one... that was very annoying and difficult to deal with. she was very short, had a napoleonic complex, was a gossip and a backstabber, invaded your personal space and felt the need to speak to you with bad coffee breath about a foot from your face. i nicknamed her elf (evil little f*ckerhead) and i avoided her at all costs. my m.o. has usually been to try to help people get over their problems, but there was no helping the woman ~ she would have been an exercise in futility. she needed professional help ~ and that was more than a coworker could give. she was fired soon after hire. go figure.
  • No...that situation has not come up yet. I've had some jerky bosses, but no one to drive me to suicide.
  • Not quite that bad but I have sometimes got really stressed about people with annoying habits.
  • Naw, I wouldn't kill myself over anybody but killing them is always a consideration
  • not as of right now, but i have had coworkers i have wanted to kill in the past
  • Not one but many. I usually worked in larger groups of people with average to below averaged intelligence. They were rude, arrogant and would think nothing of trying to do their best to let you do their work for them. That is civil service and I am talking about the military(short stint) and the city transit I worked for. I did my best to CYA(cover your ass) and do my job the best I could. When I left from work I also left the job there and did not bring it home with me. When I took off the uniform I took off the job too. You have to learn to have a thick skin and just deal with it. Be happy you have a job and do everything to protect it.
  • No. But, I do have one colleague who only works 3 days a week and believe me we're all excited by the end of the third day. She has mental problems, but management keeps her around anyway. She does very little work, seeks gossip constantly, is extremely overweight and sits on peoples desks until they start cracking. She's loud, sings loudly, talks to herself, constantly says things that don't make sense. She lunges onto people to hug them when they're least expected. She laughs uncontrollably when nothing has been said and is known to cry for no reason. She's on vacaction for the next two weeks and I look forward to not seeing her. I don't want to kill her, but others may have thought about it a few times.
  • no but there are people that i would like to umm you know do that to but ah sigh thats life
  • Thankfully, I'm not in your shoes.
  • not mysefl but them lol some woman that i work with got mad because i was in her way and i was just trying to help and so she grabbed me and put me to the side, i was pretty pissed and don't think I'm going to talk to her when i see her in work again. and she has mental problems like happy and angry all the time.
  • Well, I quit rather than killing myself. True story
  • Time to find a new job!
  • I want to kill my coworker so I can work with peace on my mind.
  • were that the case why haven't you? or was "actualy" supposed to be "practicaly" actualy implies a literality.
  • Yes, I have a co worker that's annoying, however the word Kill is so strong, are you ok? Maybe you should chang jobs!

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