• I won't shop at Walmart. That's about all I can think of. There's stuff I don't buy just because I don't like it, like cranberry juice.
  • Cigarettes and dip/chew/snuff. Cat meat, dog meat, snake meat, horse meat (maybe if I was real hungry). Lead based paint.
  • Dixie Chicks Music
  • Yes - I refuse to buy General Electric products. They would like you to think that they "bring good things to life", but they are more interested in increasing their bottom line by buying up small companies, running them into the ground and firing all the people who depended on them for jobs in order to feed their families. Sorry - just a little bit bitter.
  • Things I don't like the taste of?
  • whatever that head-on product is...i will never buy it because it's commercial is so annoying!
  • Yes ... I do not buy any mammal based food products ... I do not buy any alcohol for drinking, just for use in the making of a herbal medicine lotion (Dit Da Jow) ... .
  • I can honestly say I will never buy Bologna for myself ever...That shit is so disgusting.
  • Antibacterial dish liquids, soaps etc. I also will not carry them in my store.
  • Yes. I refuse to buy a drink which contains alcohol in it. This is because I know it for a fact that if I have one drink - there will be no stopping me from having a few more.
  • Yes. I still (after 35 years) will not drink Florida Orange Juice because of Anita Bryant.
  • Diet soda and Sour Kraut.
  • I will not buy a Chrysler product again (no matter how bad I want a Jeep Wrangler), because they sold me a brand-spanking new, LEMON, mini-van back in the early 90's, and refused to stand behind their product! After fixing the problem once, (only to have it happen again 3 weeks later), their head mechanic (at the Chrysler dealership), said it was a design flaw, and they would not fix it again! Their corporate office said it was between me and the dealer (of course) and the dealer said I could take them to court if I wanted (knowing I could not afford to do so).
  • Yes...anything with the following listed in the ingredients partially hydrogenated oil hydrogenated oil high fructose corn syrup any wheat product with less than 4 grams of fiber/srvng white rice white bread regular pasta (we use Dreamfield's..low carb) soda that contains both ascorbic acid/sodium benzoate together..benzene is formed which is a carginogenic
  • I refuse to buy that gross peanut butter/jelly combination spread
  • I also refuse to buy condoms when you get them them for free at your local planned parenthood office or health center
  • Yes.There is this company here in India whose business ethics I abhor and as a rule I make it a point never to buy any of their goods at all.
  • I dont buy products that test on animals

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