• That's their job.
  • It takes a lot of practice so don't knock it please!
  • Why do /men/ make things so difficult? It's a good question, but an unfair one. I think that /people/ make things difficult; I know women who are the most reasonable, calm people in the world, and I also know guys who are total drama queens. I do agree that women in general can tend towards being a little more difficult or dramatic, and I think that that's partially because of physiological differences and societal pressure. Physically, women are a little more prone to mood swings and sensitivity due to hormones. Socially, there's more pressure of them to /be/ difficult; women are taught, though the actions of other women and through the image presented by media (and so on,) that it's not normal or acceptable for them to just sit down, crack open a beer, and say "let's get over it." They're told that they /have/ to demand things- sparkly objects, proof of affection, new shoes, an apology. Personally, I prefer the sit down, crack open a beer, and agree to get over it approach.
  • just to annoy you
  • It is their nature to do so.
  • The same reason men make things so difficult.
  • Any human can do this.
  • They don't, it's an inbred feature!

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