• hi,not at all,my partner is a life model and gets lots of work doing this,he always says the people are really nice to work with..regards...tessa5
  • Nope, it's an art form. Keeping doing it.
  • Not weird- in fact its a great thing. Study of the nude form is absolutely essential for anyone in illustration, painting, sculpture, and to a lesser extent any artist. Ive seen probably about 30 naked strangers for my classes in the past 3 years of school.
  • Yes, it is weird. Maybe, people are envy to look at the private parts of men and women. In my opinion, it is wrong.
    • Thinker
      So what you are saying is the Lord God made a mistake when He made the human body including their genitals. He declared them very good.
  • No, it is a form of artwork. It takes a specialized eye to see the human form as art and express it on paper/canvas.
  • OMG, as an illustrator the human form is critical to understanding shape and form and how it all works together. An artist can get SO much from drawing the figure nude. Clothing is artifical and bulky. The human form has so many contours and convexes that it is instrumental to training the eye to draw 3-d form. KEEP IT UP.
  • Not weird at all..nothing more beautiful than the naked body..and most of the great artists have done works with nudity involved :)
  • are you male or female? If I send you naked pics, will you sketch me? I always wanted to be drawn but too chicken to pose for an art class.
  • No, it's not weird.
  • it is not weird because it is art and also it is beauty even though it may seem a little desguisting.
  • Not weird at all and people have been doing it for thousands of years. I graduated from art school many years ago and totally agree with the other positive comments. Evangelicals and others who adopt a "holier than thou" attitude often compete with who can find the most "evil" in humanity. They have had some influence in attempting to identify nudity as sexually perverse, IT'S NOT! 35 years ago my wife breast-fed our kids (as babies) in public all the time. She covered up but it was obvious she was feeding them and nobody gave it a second thought. The competition to "find evil" now days is much more intense for those religious nut jobs to try and put themselves on religious pedestals.
  • as long as you dont pass around naked pictures of people you know i dont see a problem with it
  • The art of a naked man or woman isn't about the nakedness but the shape and beauty of the person drawn not about sex at all. Makes no difference if the drawing is done with a pencil, brush, or camera.
  • The human body is beautiful. Drawing the human body can definitely be great art.
  • Not weird. They survive even coldest days.

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