• I don't know how many are muslim,and to me,would not matter.That would be their business,not mine.
  • It has never been stated as fact that Prince Charles is Muslim!
  • None of them, including Prince Charles.
  • Since when is Prince Charles muslim, then?
  • HRH Prince Charles is the heir to the Thrown and the future chief of the Anglican Church, as such he can not be Muslim and is not a Muslim. His chances of becoming King are quite slim due to his marriage to Camila but Queen Elizabeth has not mentioned the subject. Never the less Prince William is being tutored and prepared to assume the thrown when deemed convenient. If Prince Charles wants to become a Muslim he certainly can but then he will certainly never be King and chief of the Anglican Church. He must also be careful as he could run into the same issues as Princess Diana who was involved in a similar situation. There is no one else in the Royal Family who may cherish such fantasies.

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