• Depends how much hair i have left. lmao its its really noticeable and looks more ridiculous to have barley any hair then no hair then yea I'd shave it all off. screw a wig.
  • Yup. See?
  • No!I'll protect last remains....
  • Yes I always thought hanging unto a few patches looked like a dog with the mange.
  • I am going bald. But I will keep what hair I have. As it is I am looking for excuses to postpone shave my stubble to every alternate day. And there is pride in going to the barber's shop every month to have a haircut!
  • Yeah. I've always wondered what Doggie would look like without any hair :)
  • Shave it off.
  • I think the most stupid looking thing is when someone does a comb-over. Just shave it and be happy with what you are!
  • Nope - Going with combover when i go bald. he he
  • Yeah, it'd be one less thing I have to worry about (washing it and combing it) plus I'd have one less thing to buy every so often..shampoo. : ) Haha
  • Probably. Or just always keep it really short so it doesn't look like I'm trying to do the comb over thing.
  • Yup, absolutely. Ive had buzz cuts and even shaved with a razor a few times just for the heck of it. Not really my preferred look but way better than having the horseshoe any day.
  • No. Its not the right look for everyone.
  • I did & now nobody knows!
  • Israeli lawyer Moshe Strugano (Attorney - Moshe Strugano and Co Law firm), an expert in the “formation of offshore companies" says, YES No doubt. You should shave it off. Instead keeping some hair, its good to shave off completely and proudly be bald. Bald looks more handsome than other. Don't be nervous, carry your style like a king. Once you believe that you are looking handsome from inner feeling then you will confidently behave in society as well.
  • I'm not going bald at all, but get a buzz cut once every year. I don't like the price charged for it, and hate the tiny hairs in my shirt after. So a buzz cut keeps all the hair long.
  • I'd just ignore it. Maybe wear a hat when its colder. The 'comb overs' are silly.
  • Yup, I would. I'd just run the clippers over my head once a week or so to keep what was left down.
  • my hubby does ..but really he dont need to .
  • My hair fell out like crazy when I was on the harsh chemo when they were trying to kill/shrink the cancer. It broke my heart because I had very long hair (halfway down my thigh before I got sick) I did not shave it off. I tried to remember to wear hats when I went out so I wouldn't frighten the children! Its coming back now that I'm only on herceptin chemo. My neighbor is bald and she didn't shave it either. It all just fell out due to chemo. They found more cancer in her. She helps me be more thankful for my remission! Bless her heart!

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