• There's contention on the subject. Some think it's his knee, other's think it's his elbow (though I'm not sure how that one could be) and others still believe that it's his... unmentionables. Here's a link: And snopes answer to the question:
  • Yes, I heard this also ~~~ it you ever notice the front torret on the castle is a penis? just to the left as the road goes up to the castle. It was on the sleeve for the original VCR tape as well.
  • That gives a whole new meaning to the term "Easter Egg"...;-D... . . .
  • You have to have to life to notice something like that.
  • not until i seen it pointed out on MTV. lol!
  • You naughty, naughty girl, you! >:)
  • It's a misconception : ) "...The triangular bulge claimed to be an erection is actually his knee sticking out from under the tunic." More here:
  • NO WAY!!! thanks for posting the vid barcaluv. i heard that there are a lot of phallic references in the little mermaid, but i never notice unless they are specifically pointed out.
  • Yes, we did.
  • Yeah. It's his knee, but I don't really know how the animators missed how bad it looks, since it appears to be about ten frames of footage, and The Little Mermaid was mostly done in traditional cel animation. I mean, they had to draw that ten times and then ink it, and then color it, and nobody went "Ummm... this doesn't look quite right"? Hahaha. But yeah, same with this Bugs Bunny cartoon... it's just the space between his towel and his legs, a white bathtub in the background, and... people seeing something that wasn't meant to be there. :P
  • Yes, he was very happy! :)
  • Man if that's his boner, that's one armed and dangerous priest. >_>

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