• have it prof. steam cleaned
  • buy some dry foam shampoo the best i know of is electrolux but you have to get that at and aerus or electrolux store which might be hard to find mix with water according to packaging then use a soft bristle brush dip and scrub circlur motions are best use as little as possible you dont want to soak your funiture let dry overnight then vacuum (mix with less water for stains on furniture or carpet make sure its completely dry b4 vacuuming)or you can always try to get a free cleaning out of kirby go on their website and request a demo they will prob offer to do a rug shampoo for you just ask if you can get your couch done instead some will some wont depends on the office be aware that they are trying to sell you a product (its amazing and you should totally buy it if you can afford it) and they are extremely persistant and they may tell you that it will take only a 1/2 hour but they take more like 2hrs and you have to give them your full attention for most of that time
  • i had a dream, LAST NIGHT TOO, that my dad was getting his couch clean and I asked how they did it, I asked if it was dry wasnt...but they never told me how.

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