• why cant they just be called people, person, human, i mean, thats what they are right? why label them anything else. People have cats different colors but there still "cats" right?
  • aren't we all of african decent?even if you don't believe that there are white africans too. i'm not trying to be an ass, that's just my opinion.
  • I had a buddy of mine, white guy from South Africa, who, when he filled out his application for financial aid for college, checked the box indicating "African-American." Said he got a nasty letter from the college because he was white. And to tell the truth, he's one of only two people I know that can trully call themselves African-American. The other guy is a black guy from Kenya. I think it's bullshit that you can't call a black guy a black guy.
  • Also, what do you prefer "Black Jesus" called? Also, what do you call each other? Hmm????
  • Just don't call me a racial slur and I don't really care! But there are some people who look at what they are being called from a historical aspect and like to be called african american to keep their ties to Africa. So everyone is different but me I really don't care!
  • I prefer American and if a description is necessary black is fine, but I have never been to Africa, nor have my parents, their parents and so on and so forth. So to call myself African American seems absurd.
  • I'm black and black is beautiful!!!
  • The word "black" can never be an offense to me any more than the term "white" would be to you or to any member of that group--I suppose. But if you choose to attach to the term "black" a derogatory adjetive with intent to vex me then that's a different story. Still, It would not be the term "black" that would offend me, it would be the negative adjetive. "Black" is just another color among many different colors, and I see no justified reason to pick the black color to be synonymous or associated with anything negative..... Although historically that attempt has been made; i,e. "black sheep", "black market", "blacklist", "blackmail", "black day", etc. Nonetheless, I am a black man but that's not my name. We call people by their names--if we know them--if don't know them we call them sir, mister, madame, miss, mrs, etc.
  • no, i dont take offense to being called black. this let the people know i am not white. so if they saw me it may be easier to identify me.
  • Nope. I think it's funny though that Hispanics are called brown, but we are brown too, they should be called bronze or caramel or somethin lol. Just kidding, I have no problem with it.

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