• Some pic's i took in morrow bay california may 2006 and a pic of my grandaughter.
  • If written word artists are allowed, I will post this, one of my favorite poems, written when I was pregnant.
  • I uploaded 5 pics and submited them.i have no clue what happened to them.I'll try again.
  • Some of my graphics art can be seen on my website (link in my profile).
  • Any 1 else having problems with submitimg images?I have no clue.
  • Here's my flickr account:
  • I write, but it would take me hours to transcribe any of my writing off of my word processor to post it, so I'll post some photos that I took instead. (Some of them I edited into negative or black and white because I thought they looked better that way, but they're all pictures I took and worked on all myself.) Hmmm... and there they go, I geuss the pictures just decided to 'show up' out of the blue. We all know how tardy and inconsiderate pictures can be.
  • I like to take photos: Man I really wish I could upload.
  • Sorry, but I can't even draw a person that well. I guess I'm not made for drawing.
  • Sure! To see more of my work, go to
  • Okay, well I'm artist enough, I suppose. I at least think I'm decent enough to post these, though. I've uploaded a couple before, but I doubt most people have seen them. I'll upload the better of them, when I get to scanning them in my computer =P And the last one was my hand drawn negative. I basically drew the giraffe in reverse coloration(drawing light areas produces dark shades, and things like that), so that when I enlarged it, it came out like it did. (It's a regular negative more or less, so that is the whole idea) [Oh, and it's huge. I may re-size it in a moment.]

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