• I have been looking for the info, it is not out yet but I will check back tomorrow and post it. EDIT: All of the ONG's and other organizations were based in the United States very few based in Israel including the Government of Israel, not all the names are out but I got a few of them. 1] Robert I. Lappin Foundation - Salem., Mass. 2] Chais Family Foundation. 3] Gift of Life Foundation 4] Yeshiva University 5] Merkin Ascot Partners 6] Sar Academy - Bronx 7] Bar-Llan University in Israel 8] State of Israel Bonds 9] Jewish Campus Life Fund 10] Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center 11] Ramaz School 12] Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun 13] Fifth Avenue Synagogue - New York 14] Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philantropies 15] Robert Beren's Foundations - Two of them 16] US Senator Frank Lautenberg D-NJ The ones I have mentioned are the ones in the Jerusalem Post [IBA] and News. There are a plethora of additional NGOs, Hospitals, Universities and Medical Research Institutions, Homes for the elderly and very many organizations to help sick children. Two football clubs and several newspapers who were investors in Madoff's firm have also been scammed. Check the enclosed links for videos with further information. PS: The imbecile who down rated me should be obliged to research this issue and post it, it is very easy to DR someone who only want to be helpful to a friend. Hope you will find the info satisfactory, for your info there are two other such cases but not as big and one is regarding some gambling issue. Bye.
  • 501C ya' MadeOff with the loot
  • names of 10 more conspirators involved with Madoff will soon be released goomba!

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