• I got as far as rolling down in the alley in the middle of the "warehouse/factory" building, which, after lighting your board on fire, you roll back up the back side and it launches you up on the roof of those back buildings... the building with the giant orange "Danger: Explosives" sign on it. :) You land right in the hole in the roof and BOOOOM!!! Those buildings blow up... and this big chute, part of the big "warehouse/factory looking thing" falls down towards it. Problem is... I can't figure out the next step. I've tried everything I can think of to get onto that giant chute... but to no avail. HELP!!
  • I figured it out. Go to the Liquor store and grind the letters off and a door will open to the factory. I give credit for this answer to || BodyBag || and Kebabhustleren

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