• Not at all. It would have been better if I had been apprehensive.
  • When I first started driving on the roads yes but I learned to drive on the farm I was raised on so driving was pretty cool. It is when I had to watch out for the other guy that I became a bit scared but that ended pretty quickly.
  • No I was to excited to be scared :)
  • No I wasn't, but my neighbours were scared when they saw me driving.... something about the number of times I crashed my bike as a child.
  • Well, not too bad since I took driver's ed in high school, and my dad took me out to practice a lot. The first time I was really "scared" was that first time I had to drive in snow/ice. I've gotten really used to that now (had to do it again today)!
  • No! I never was - I actually looked forward to it
  • Very Scared! I had my whole family in our van and I kept nagging at my dad to let me drive. So my mom freaked out and said "She's gonna kill us, are you crazy?!?!?" It turned out that he let me drive for about 5 miles and took the driver's seat again. It was pretty scary cause it was dark and we were on the expressway.
  • No not when I was young and learning. I became very nervous when I was hit head on on my side of the road, and then Side swiped by a truck within six months. I have always loved driving but that has taken away a lot of the pleasure for me.
  • oh yes indeed. They more I drove though the less scared I was. Now I even ride a motorcycle.
  • No...not at all!!!!
  • i wasnt scared it juust that i didnt know the first thing to do when i get behind to wheel but when i got the instruction i worked well and adopt to driving dont be scared just be calm and do your best and be extra careful
  • Must not have been.. got my first speeding ticket 2 weeks after I got my licence.
  • I have my permit right now and I am still hesitant but its fun and a sense of freedom is always nice. Practice makes perfect.
  • yes, for the longest time i didn't even want anyone in the same car with me when i drove. i was afraid i would get irresponsible and get in a crash and their death would be on my hands. if anything like that ever happened i pray at the least that their life is traded for mine and they do not die, no matter the circumstance. i cannot live with the knowledge and guilt of the action on my shoulders.
  • No. Thanks to my Grandpa, I learned that if a person can drive a car while sitting in the middle of the seat and holding the steering wheel with one arm extended over the chest of the person behind the wheel, actually sitting behind the wheel myself is a cinch.
  • no not really ... but learned to drive when i was 10 so ...
  • No..I had been driving all over the property and through the riverbeds and such since I was around 12 or 13..I couldnt wait to get to take it to the streets..LOL :)
  • No, just afraid that my father would get angry if I didn't drive safe enough.
  • Yeah, a little...especially right after I hit the telephone pole! First time out! Dad was cool with it, though. Great Dad. Made me go out again the next day...with the major bent up fender. Lesson: Don't freak out over little things. Restore confidence when someone happens to screw up. Thanks, Dad. Wish you were still here.
  • No Way!! I couldn't wait to drive. I got my license at 16 in the a.m. and was bugging my Dad to let me drive in the afternoon. Then, I taught myself to drive a stick shift so I could drive both of our cars! Now, I'm like the Little Old Lady from Pasadena ... haven't stopped yet.
  • Before I got behind the wheel I had psyched myself into believing that I would not only learn driving in a jiffy especially controlling the car on a slope but I would be what the world calls "fantastic behind the wheels." You are what you think you are. :) :)
  • Unfortunately not.
  • Not at first but I had a few months of white knuckle driving when I started field service work in a big city until I got useed to it.
  • Nope, but I do recall the people around me does XD
  • yes thats why i dont drive.:)
  • No, I loved driving before I tried it, like the candy in the Candy Store!
  • yes. I still pretty much hate driving, but at least it is tolerable now.

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