• All Mexicans are drunks, all blacks are lazy, all politicians are crooks, all men cheat...No stereotype is absolutely true, nor is anyone absolutely false. Obviously enough of a segment from each stereotype acted a certain way or they wouldn't have been stereotyped to begin with.
  • All of them really. With any group of people, you cant say "all of them are this" or "all of them are like that". Because there are always people in that group that are not like that.
  • All men are pigs and leave the seat up. All women want is money and hate men. All bikers are scum and untrustworthy. All government officials are not corrupt and have your best interest at heart. The list goes on and on. :)
  • Rednecks are stupid
  • Just like notanonymous said, all stereotypes, I mean all of them are not absolutely true. Though some people are a walking stereotype and those people are quite embarrasing, but even those people have something about them that isn't stereotypical.
  • hmm interesting I will have to read the thread to see if anyone comes up with one that is not true..because in my opinion..let's face it...stereo-types wouldn't exist if there weren't a few fools out there running around who fit the's a shame people get grossly thrown into stereotypes but for every one I have ever heard I have seen with my own eyes a fool that fits it to a T
  • I don't believe in any stereotype upfront. Every individual is special and unique.
  • Country people aren't smart.
  • All people on welfare are lazy irresponsible bums who do nothing but screw the system. All welfare rec. sit in the house with Big screen tvs, doing drugs, driving new cars and eating things like shrimp and lobster. (I LOVE THAT ONE)..Here's one. All poor people can get excellent health care on "assistance".. LOL. what a joke. I have horror stories on that. I have plenty more but you get the point
  • "Women are bad drivers."
  • No stereotype is true, by definition.
  • "All muslims are terrorists." "All muslim men are abusive to their wives." etc.etc. Neither of those two things are true.
  • That there is more bigotry and racism in the South than the North. I've lived in both places and it's about equal.
  • "People with Dyslexia are stupid/can't read" I'll let you know i have Dyslexia and i'm very smart and can read. One of my friend's heard some guy make a mean comment about how smart i was because i have dyslexia and she yelled/scared him!
  • That all religious people are judgmental. There are plenty of people who enjoy a spiritual life and still manage to maintain a "live and let live" philosophy when it comes to others.
  • Some foreigners stereotype Irish people for drinking alcohol and seeing us as leprechauns. I am Irish and I do not drink alcohol and that I am a human being and not a leprechaun. Not all Irish people are the same. The same as every other country in the world, we Irish have our differences such as preferences and likes among other things. Ireland is a diverse country just like the rest of the world. Some Irish people drink alcohol and others don’t. It annoys me that people stereotype because every person in the world is their own individual and we don’t belong under someone’s labelling of others. Each person belongs to themselves if that makes sense. According to a certain Answerbag user, atheists are mentally ill but that is not true. Atheists are misunderstood people.

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