• Run an ad for babysitting service while parents shop, or for wrapping other peoples gifts, or be a personal shopper or personal helper for those who have trouble shopping for themselves or shopping alone.
  • Try driving around your neighborhood the evening prior to trash pick up ... My friend does this every week ... and finds GOOD furniture , TVs , and even good working appliances ... and more .. that he takes to the flea market to sell ... Makes about $100 - $200 a week xtra and its PROFIT ... He's now cleaning out his garage and will sell stuff out of there by advertising it and haveing people come to his home to look 'n buy ...
  • I recycle cans for a whole year. I take em to get cashed in around Thanksgiving and get about 300 dollars. It pays off to have friends that drink alot of beer lol Also I had a piggy bank that I put loose change and $1 dollar bills in. I never open it until I really need the extra cash. Usually turns out to be about $60-$70. It's not a lot but that would have been 60-70 dollars lost between the couch cushions and in your car :)

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