• Yes I have tryed to fill it a numer of times with different things, but its always still there
  • No.I fill it with dead bodies.LOL
  • I used to feel this way, but then I realized that the times I felt the emptiest were the times I worried about my life, or the the things I lack. You have to learn to let go of this and just live.
  • Only when I'm hungry and can't get food :(
  • yeah, it's like your happy but something is missing. not all the pieces of the puzzle are there.been there before, it sucks. but hey, don't worry about it! soon enough, it will start to come back. just give it sometime and hang in there!
  • Yeah, i thinking about going to the shrink I think i depressed.
  • sometimes
  • Oh yes , so I fill those places inside , with having my friends here on AB , calling my sons and getting out of the house were other people are
  • There are i lot of reasons why people feel a sense of emptiness.For some it's grief when someone near and dear to them has passed away or for others it's seperation from a long a long term relationship.I feel empty at times when i am not needed or i am left out.?
  • No. I feel a sense of fullness that seems to be overflowing. I don't mind the overflow. It is the goodness of fulfillment that really matters.
  • Sometimes yes. But then I realize I need to let Him in and take over my life. It's a back and forth thing. Inner turmoil...go figure!
  • No, I don't feel a sense of emptiness. At my age, I feel fulfilled and happy. During a stretch in my life there was a time when I felt a sad and lonely. Maybe I shouldn't have felt that way but I did - I can't get into too much detail here. I will say that I tried to avoid feeling this way but I learned with help that I had to deal with these feelings by finding out what I was about and working through issues. It was when I allowed myself to feel the bad and painful feelings, that they went away and on the other side, I found that I could once again feel joy and happiness. It has much to do with the healing of the spirit.
  • Fill it with the Lord!
  • It can be the beginning of silence,which can take you to the depths,which can take you to wisdom.Or,perhaps,the looney bin.Anything worth having,anything thats truly yours,starts in suffering.You ask the best questions,Shannnon of four n's.
  • Yes, I try to fill it but it's always going to be there - just a gaping hole in my chest
  • Yes. I am starving but too lazy to drive to Perkins for a big sloppy burger...
  • Yes and it hurts so bad that I just wanna die!
  • yeah, for me its being single my whole life. so love is missing.
  • yeh,some chick i really really like,i think about her all day and night,and dream about her,but i cant tell her : ,she is my motivation for everyting at the moment,i feel happy when i see her,but sad because im not with her

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